Thursday, April 2, 2015

full moon eclipse

like being on the outside looking in to a ball and you are not in it but you can see everything.
Words at this point will hurt some and yes people get their heads cut off..
Seems like to get your head cut off, you have to go pretty far. in the game to die..but some do.
They were zombies with all their woes so you cannot change them.

I wish I could make every one least for a moment..
I like happiness. But in our fast passed world there is common strife that we take too far and then we get sick, huh?
I do not know..I think about reasons after the fact  like any one else would. If only we can harness that gut instinct to act before the traumas..

Surely we should be able to detect "the joker" when he comes calling?
"Surely I can trust my fellow man.", I say this to myself.
Everyone has god in them.
That is unwise my friends and not because on the walking dead where most people are sick fuks, no, it is because the law of regression to the means..average best..kind of thing.
I  say "joker" because it is true..the archetype not the bat man character..
He brings passion, quick wit and raunchy sex and drugs of course..he always has something.
He will take as fast as he gives..take and move on to the next adventure.
I do not know, but I seem to encounter "joker would be's all the time" I have concluded  that there are far and few in between really noble people in this civilization. Most, meander through life wanting and wanting more..
And, in the end it is about time and how much of you have to produce your art and always do something good for yourself. Making a wonderful living yet needing less..hmm..
a really good one..otherwise you are scrounging around trying to find five dollars to buy soap detergent to wash your grubby coat.
In Cost Rica, I shredded coconut to get oil to make soap with ylang ylang flowers and cinnamon bark that was growing on the was ok soap and when you can buy a bar at the market made with palm and cucumber scent for a will not want an coconut soap there. My main point to that was  to understand the process of ingredients at the flower level is really complex and raw..ylang ylang when freshly picked in the evening almost makes you sick with sweetness..jasmine too. In that case I dried the flowers first. They are too juicy otherwise.

joker and why I say that...
Uranus playing around magnetizing us and wobbling our waters..yes, it is that cool!
We have Saturn, our  giant quietly keeping it real..Pluto far away trying so hard to be a planet..maybe three planets and what drives it all is magnetism and other such forces..not mythological creatures..
what it shows us is during this time, we choose emotions and behaviors based on how much we wobble.
Too much and  things hit one another.

All that said, hello and happy full moon in spring time and lunar eclipse it is brewing!
Happy reflecting on what needs done! You already have the gist on what happened. heh!
Happy me and happy you.. I have been busy making soap.
Ghost of frankincense tonight. Remember how awesome that soap was?
I do!
Also,  one of Miss Tonie's favorite ideas right now is,
cade, vetiver(smokey sri lanka) choya loban on the bottom
neroli on top
dragon's blood in the middle area where the gut instincts rule and obey your command.
What say ye, too heavy on the smoke? I do not think so. I think the vetiver will be so happy with the choya loban..and make mellow.
I will have to make this a balm as well as a soap bar..what a nice special I have in store for next week, I must say!

why? Why do I work so hard and rest so hard?
Look, there is no other way, we have to work and produce something. We must! No matter how much we do not want to serve others, or submit to our civilization in some way..we must find a way to survive the next 100 years and then think about a thousand and what we will have become then. That is all based on what we do at this moment as a pathway to the next thing..
Aye, senior, I rant too much!
You see, I am clever."))))

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