Wednesday, April 29, 2015

the 70's

As in day time temps not the years..ha ha So, I will go outside and spend an hour cleaning up some more.

A whole lot has been brewing for years now with "race" relations and I am a little ticked that whole towns get to be destroyed and for what? To prove that police are totally military state and your kids need to be home studying for their next exam so that they are not distracted by anger all day.
What do I know, I fight with my one boy all the time. His perfect life is sleeping till three, making music till dawn and eating healthy while smoking ciggies..
so dumb they are, and we were in the 70's.
"tin soldiers and Nixon's la lalaaa"
I just remember all this anger and my dad being held up in Detroit in his first day going to work when we came here.

Of course the police force  is angry. Of course the poor live under the poverty line but guess what?
It turns out that the buildings they live in are loaded with peeling lead paint and guess what else? They get a government payment for having been poisoned, and knowingly I might add.
We knew lead was poison a long time ago and yet continued to use it every day and in every way. It is like everyone is in a mass hypnosis by lead..which brings stupidity and anger. no matter the color of your skin.

So, we continue and we think and we we ponder on what is next. I do not know. I know that we must  find a balance through science and knowledge and truth and all the clergy praying after the big fail, means nothing to me! They pretend to be chosen now?

"I say that in 5 years it will be robo cop there and and many other violent towns first and then all over the place.

" drones, they do not see color", I said to a man who likes to come to my store and talk to me.
"oh yes they can!"
"Oh so then they can forecast based on all your criteria?"

I have the solution, make everyone move to the country so that they can detox and then maybe the police will chill out and the poor the ravaged and the disabled can read books on honor, business, mathematics, our physical place in the universe, and many other beautiful time passing activities! What is a  case of toilet paper gonna do for you from the CVS, dumb ass?
What does it really do? You fucking live here and you do this? I am so sorry for you Fredie honey..really, but based on your criteria, I am also weary of you. I am also weary of police who hide in their armed cars behind buildings so that they can rob innocent drivers. yes, it does happen.
When I was in Costa Rica, this white boy from San Jose came to my place ( I was teaching English at that place) to sell me crack pipes..I laughed and said to him, he needs to get his life in order and that I would never be interested in selling such devices. He was cracked out! I think they have another term for it now, like tweaking. I never notice this until someone points it out to me.

What do you think is precious?
What is precious to you?

For me it is lavender peppermint soap for my sweet london girl and for me, more lemon soap with salt.
That last one is all gone and we loved it.
I bought a whole lot (for me a whole lot))of vanilla co2 from white lotus, so the vanilla zombie is back but this time with aged patchouli and cacao absolute. I know right! I am awesome to the core!

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