Tuesday, April 14, 2015

how will astrology change with knowledge and physics

It has to happen.Astrology must change with the times..it has. We no longer think that mythology has much to do with the real brewing cauldron of creation.
Not at all.
We have already begun to include the great attractor  in our language. which is a thing, a real thing a place that takes up an area of space we cannot imagine. Astrology has transitioned in to personality types instead of mythical representations..I get that. But why am I so attracted to Aries then and why is this angle between these players so hard to hand sometimes..these days, especially..
Bruce ( a hunking Jew, (and goddammit, I mean Jew as in I would say That Greek guy) who is so smart and very Jewish, like in practice)
He wanted to talk to me and unload.."I was just in my car screaming at god"
I didn't ask him what is wrong..
"did he answer you?"

He wanted to tell me things because I get him. I love me a strong Jewish man!

I was married to a Greek, he was lovely to me and the crazy one had me drugged with some strange witchery of manipulation and agape. Bruce is married so don't get any ideas.
I am sure you have your own stories.
Being a Greek from a village comes with its baggage, ok.
On the other hand, I notice with my Armenian sister, we have some of the same family obligations based on duty and respect and hard work.
My dad worked hard for us to have more, American while at the same time holding on to Greek devotion to his ortodox indoctrination, I mean I can still recite most of the liturgy in Greek.
Who am I a revolutionary, meditating and questioning these ideas now? Yes!
Well, there is dark matter which won't be long to know it..it has always been there and we just now get to know..the great attractor for us, is part of some other giant connection in a greater universe...
nothing is mystical and everything until it it isn't..is that god? A hot crashing spinning bubble of stuff in a chemical  reaction with dark matter which allows such beautiful things to happen? Like us,

thinking about all of it.

Humans are obviously tribal but that is slowly changing.
We will, some day, a long long time from now, be one color and mixed but good and then who knows? You see a long time ago, there were many sorts of human types of people. Homo sapiens survived every one of them. There is only one kind of human no matter the color or place..that is fact..so..I am thinking this..When everyone is your cousin, how can you shoot him? It is nice to think so but some cultures which are built on warring and hatred of their women must not be allowed to continue. Of course by always learning, always teaching and always to think.
because we are getting so smart, we make better decisions and work harder to be happy. In real life, you for sure want to use your knife to cut a tree for grooming and not killing your friends and earth brethren. Okay, I get that, so why are we so violent? Weapons were the first things we made..hunger is my answer?

"it is going to be fine, tomorrow is a new day" :)
"is it?"
"yes, you must do your duty"
he smiled at me.
I wondered what was bothering him so much that he found some sort of solace in me? I have the eyes that do not lie.
He is so intense..

I am hungry now..
I wish I were in Singapore eating breakfast of some sort of street fare like they do.
I am having a coffee and fillo cheese wraps cuz I am in amerika babies!

have a wonderful day
I made some interesting soaps this week and I look forward to the new moon

like a goddess chanting to innana, reawaken in my heart the abilities which always bless and honor me and I radiate this
my art flourishing my mind's ideas streaming gently
like a clear stream from a mountain
with pretty moss and wild flowers

I am poise
I am grace and kind words
I am smiling face in the face of terror
I am keen eyes and keen mind
I am ever so grateful
I am not scared
The sun shines on my face

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