Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just cut

These are still soft but I reckon they will harden up in a few days and weeks.

The little square ones will be a part of the spring time special coming up.

I do think they are pretty and I have no regrets about all the blood orange I put in there. It compliments the spicy labdanum notes just fine but... I could not resist adding frankincense to give it is deep incense vibe.
There are two patchoulies and both are aged. They do not stand out so you needn't worry that you'll smell like a hippie. 
I still need to put together the body smoothie. That will be tomorrow, for now,  rest and sleep.
But I ask myself now, what will I make for a cream?
How should it smell?
Chamomile and rose?
Sandalwood and rose?
Frankincense and myrrh?

I am really attracted to chamomile right now for some reason! Chamomile with frankincense? I love that!

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