Friday, July 3, 2015

good writing bad writing laudanum vs labdanum mhooahhhhhahhhh

I am a nerd. I always thought I wasn't, but it turns out that I am.
Why, am I a nerd and you're not and we get along so well, is beyond my reasoning.
I like art and scent and yes, I still like astrology and the minds idea of inner vs. outer light, continually traveling through space and never going backwards..

I will never wear a bathing suit again and I haven't worn shorts since 1991. :) Only and I say only, if I were on a cruse with Daryl that I would have to wear swimming trunks and they would sexy and express my fitness at my age and also demure style.
That is just it. I see women all day who have had work done. I can always tell, always.
"what did you do to your lips, that Kylee thing where you suck them plump?"
Chubby 40ish;
", it is a new lip liner and a plumping lipstick..:))"

deep in my thoughts, I say to myself..

"Oye, really?"
 Just say, "yea, I had my lips injected, what do you think?" "I think it looks like you have been sucking dicks all day and one of them had cayenne pepper massage oil on it, because them lips is swollen."

What I actually said was,
 "oh, wow."

It looks like like skin pulled or stretched every time.
 I will get old and feel it the right way, before our humanity forgets all the simple things like a real tomato and a real musky man grabbing you and saying things. That is why some ladies have it done so that that sexiness remains like it was when you were thirty. You are not  thirty.
The things you find precious are all that you are. You carry who you are and have been.

All the rest seems a waste of my precious time and money. All those procedures cost thousands. Seems like some yoga and a back rub would make one feel pretty good about themselves. Also, I understand that a woman should look good and if that is her way then who am I?
I am someone who isn't afraid to get old.
I love to get my hands in the dirt.
I love to make excellent food, well prepared and thought out, according to their nutritive value..
( Nerd)
I love a smart person.
I love to laugh and I laugh all day.
I make excellent soap.
 I make beautiful body creams.
I like a clean place.
I love you!

Now, about the lauanum..omg, freeking google and my ability  to overlook details on a screen leads to some really entertaining mistakes..why????


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