Monday, July 27, 2015

the ending of summer

It is almost August and that means four  weeks before the kids start school and  everyone is busy making money and spending and summer is almost over.
July is always a transition time but this year, I have felt it more than ever. Perhaps it is because I am more aware of time as I get older.

There are many projects that I have started that are going well and in aromatherapy, I feel that I am as always honoring this art form and allowing my mind to expand with ideas.

Soap made recently is a gorgeous coconut milk based soap with lime geranium and patchouli oils. Vetiver is in there and also frankincense in a few small drops..okay, more than few drops.
I typically do not love geranium oil but in July, I crave this wonderful healer.
lime geranium soap with vetiver and coconut milk

I am also in the middle of brewing some comfrey salve for an older man, whose wife loves me and always comes to me for potions. I love that about her.
I have given her sage and also wormwood.
I do have comfrey in the garden so I cut a few leaves and cleaned them and made sure they were dry before chopping them up and simmering them in unfiltered olive good and so fruity that you can almost spoon it...
I put wintergreen in the salve for myself and tested it. Nice. and I do think that little bit of salacilic acid helped some of the inflammation in my joints.
I know one has to use the root of comfrey in a proper salve, but right now leaves. I am going to leave that plant to flourish and use the root next year.
 I also have blood root that a friend gave me. People get excited to know about blood root but I do not feel like I know this ingredient too well at this time.
I will study up on blood root..
these salves I make privately are so satisfying to me. It feels like real healing on such a simple level.

I did make a pretty cool little soap bar with lavender though..kind of lavender, lime, kind of earthy, ocean breezes and midnight talks under a starry sky..

These will be very nicely priced and wonderfully bubbly in lather.
ocean breezes

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