Friday, July 10, 2015

Neem Soaps

Calendula Jewelweed Neem Soap
 That sweet  lovely right there? Nice one, right?

 Great after a dirty work out. I'm talking hot day, you've worked so hard. Now a shower!

Fresh and dried organic calendula petals, organic jewelweed extract in olive oil,  loads of neem,  argan oil, og coconut oil, organic lemon grass and litsea cubeba.
"Lemongrass", you might ask?
Well, it isn't always about me is it?
Lemon grass is very strong as a killer of all sorts of baddies and at the same time, refreshing, piquant, clean!
I ground the dried flowers extra powdery so that they will not float in specs all over the place!
On sale at eleneetha's.

Neem Dream with Himalayan Pink Salt, loads of neem oil, guess what?
Tea tree oil and more pink salt with a splash  of organic spearmint oil and organic argan oil.  
Cooling, great on oily skin and men will love it!

Don't worry,I did make something for me and you if you like babe.. I will also offer a smaller more reasonable cut of the block...  
A new 2015 Summertime Whore:)
I put my ideas to the test and the experiments with oakmoss and labdanum, patchouli  and more, continue to inspire me.

I shall go ahead and slice a few bars.
See you soon

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