Friday, July 17, 2015

My Mom

She likes to crush me.:)lol

My yard is too wild and I still have not burned the shrubbery from the tree cutting.
It is too hot to make a fire and a pile of twigs can wait. That  is my reason and I told her that.
"why don't you throw away all that junk in there?" as she glanced in the garage.
"it is all there for a reason mamma" I did not know what junk she was revering to because she is the kind of woman when last week she painted her garage floor! She is so powerful that she gets minions to do it for her! Everything is wiped down or covered.
My feelings were already crushed. She did not praise me one again!
Just that I am too concerned about saving things.
It is not true. I am saving the wood to burn because I need it for the compost pile and we are not just going to throw away all the shelves she thinks are not white enough because they are holding things like tools and such. No, we are not going to Sears to get a fancy red tool rack for 500 dollars..
Then, I had a visitor who wanted to see my garden! I was already feeling kind of lazy and unkempt (as if) and he is talking about painting his trellises and building things!
I was so glad to see them all go home. :)
Me? Lazy?
A little bit. I like a nice Netflix hour or two. I work hard hard and my kids all go to school or work. We are busy.  Yia yia and Papou like to paint garage floors!
I have a half mind to go clear out the bad weed trees right now and replace them with hostas and day lilies which  would have a plastic liner under them and fake pebbles around them..LOL
I need me some minions!

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