Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pluto is so too a planet:)

Just wow!

We should all rejoice at how smart we are as humans not cavemen who practice human sacrifice to appease the gods.

Look at us, we have gone to Pluto. It took 9 years and the space craft arrived!
Tomorrow there will be more pictures which will stream data to us so that we can see our dear friend from far away. Look how he sees Jupiter and Saturn from where he is at in the first video!

Soon, New Horizons will leave our solar system and go out in outer space. Humans are explorers! Remember about 10 thousand years ago when they thought the Earth was flat and the turtle held her and Persephone had to die for half the year and Jesus suffered and redeems...because of a mystical place in a mystical dimension..where we might be mystically saved from a mystical dragon only if we eat the right foods and wear special clothing so the mystical leader can notice us as one of the mystically chosen?

No..I mean, yes!

It is really mathematics and our understanding of our place in the real universe which is real babies., and if you tell me Evolution is not real and it is all fake this space stuff,
 Your phone, computer, even your GPS in the car is run through a space object outside of earth out in space..there, Evolution!
And now, here's Pluto!

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