Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I cut a tree

What a mess! I will take each branch and make sure it is relatively straight and I will continue to make my home made trellis for a wisteria vine. I hope that she gets nice and comfy in that corner. It is such a pretty flower. I have been working my behind out there and afterwards I have been sitting down and resting and listening to people around me, my kids, my mom, my we sweet grandchildren..oh yes, I have them, it changes you! That there is what we are made for. To touch our young one's hearts and make them know we love them.
One of my boys wrote a book. What a sweetheart! He came in to our home at age 15 and hasn't left. I say he is mine.
By, John Peponis
It is a book about the meaning of living and fonts and how we perceive our world.
What else would a young genius think about?

The birds started singing at 4:30 and some of us wake up with nature. It was like that in Costa Rica for me. The wild life starts early. I am a little wild.:)
The hippie girl whose house I lived in there said the monkeys were like saints and we must serve them. She always had bananas for them. Poor things, so much development that they have less and less space to live. Oh they will come over and visit, eat and allow the exchange of a glance or two but they don't stay long.
Monkeys, birds, us!
Oh, speaking of development..if you didn't know what is up with that in Costa Rica..
see, a bunch of really wealthy people went there and bought thousands of acres to build on. Beautiful homes with Viking stoves and everything awesome..
Oh, wait! Not enough water. There is  not enough water to house that many homes using so much.
Then they all fight over the spring.
The farmer who owns the land which the spring is on,  is in a dangerous position but she, he ( I saw both there) will hold firm because there is "not" enough water. So then, the homes, they stay empty, the first few and for years on and on.
They will have talks about desalinization and I say, what does that do to our oceans? I mean yes you put the salt back but then it is more concentrated in the ocean since you too the volume of water out for your self and just put the salt back..
back and forth the go at it..

Just stop and live clean.
At least try. what do we need lawn carpets for and why can they be wild grass so that we don't dump chemicals in the same water we drink?
Because people are dumb, that is why!LOL
No, we like things to be orderly and easy.
Yesterday,  I saw my dad with a bucket and some tool to pull out dandelions.:)))
who cares, Papou!"
Papou cares for that lawn so much. He has one breed of grass and just down the road a few miles where Livonia is still a little more woodsy, there is my lawn, with many many types of grass.
I love the clovers! Most of my neighbors do not spray their lawns. It is nice to smell flowers and trees and not some chemical.

Oh, the tree shrub I am still cutting down, that is where the earth oven will go. It will look nice and not some dumpy mud thing. I am going to do this one thing at a time and love every second. I bet I can get the Raw Food guy from Detroit to take me to places where I can find bricks..
I am so excited!
I have to hold my self back and do one thing at a time..first clear the area, then get the cinder blocks and sand..then make the dome and let it dry and then the bricks over that!

In Soapmaking, I will now make the jewelweed soap with lavender frankincense and tea tree oil for itching. Also a plain lavender soap and not too many because as you know, my thing is deep base kind of oils and that is what my customers love. Still, though, I must serve some citrus so I will make a lime geranium soap as well. We will see.
I am thinking it through before I prep for that. There is enough jewelweed for one more extraction in  olive oil for my vegan friends..dude, beeswax is nice.
Finally, I am down to one proper old whore bar and the wormwood and I are patiently waiting for my patchouli to arrive from Sunrose. it is one of the finest I have ever had!
Have a wonderful day.

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