Monday, July 27, 2015

Witches Of East End

My kids are making fun of me because I'm watching that thing on Netflix!
Okay, yes it is  a silly little soap opera, i'm watching.

 Models, witches are models!

Well, then I'm a pagan soap making  astrologer atheist witch;)

I made green tea absolute soap with balsam fir, this afternoon. 
It looks like dark brew green tea and smells like yeast right now, like raw beer brewing...wonderful sweet, pointy,  but floral. I made it so rich that there might be a chance it's overdone. No, let us wait.

I passed by and tried to go beyond the gourmand ( if you want to call it that) to find the perfume here.
I want the balsam fir to remind me if a past memory.. A past life?
No, a future memory!

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