Thursday, July 23, 2015

venus retrograde

Astrology is so weird.
Are we making this happen or is there a magnetic spiritual influence of our planets on us?
Yes and yes! I think...
I still study a little, look at Mystic's writing and Kim Falconer, she is pretty cool..Mystic is a philosopher witch if I ever saw one and as I was reading about Venus retrograde, all this stuff happened around me. Sure hurt feelings, sure.
People broke up suddenly or became closer. I do not know which. Some harnessed other's sadness for their own self absorbed aggrandizement.
"look at me, I am here for you because you are pretty and will bring me many friends and money"

Feelings got hurt and lies must have been exposed again to the one who can't stop living in their fantasy world of witches and dragons and rituals in church, temple and masque and our lady of sorrows.
Child of most parents would ask,
"Why is she crying momma?"

"She is crying because the world is bad and we are just here for a short time to be tested?"
"tested for what, ma, we fast and eat when we are supposed to and go to church for four hours on Sunday.."
She is actually crying because she watched as the priests burned women alive, it could have been her just as easily...Mary, I mean.
How about, "this world is only temporary, we are saved. for what happens after"?
I heard that one too many times.
God and Jesus say "Love one another while we sit back and watch everyone else be tortured in eternity." Wow, and half the world likes this? How are we not seeing this picture?
 I still get so appalled, and also remain focused on what is happening in my personal bubble and that maybe is is the same with our planets..our solar bubble must respond to this energy of a bunch of minds being rumbled and all that matter traveling through space sound but not..

Oh yes, Venus retrograde. On my behalf, of this scenario, I felt it in my stomach for days now
My adrenals are shaken and my last boy is going through his almost 16 jerk phase and being on my own, well, that makes it hard to push him where I want him...I mean physically, yes, I could take all my kids until recently! We all did martial arts.
That there is a whole other story but also related to Venus and what makes us feel secure, loved, taken care, thought of ..considered.
I guess it is a certain connection  with Venus and Saturn, I do not have the same desire to jump up and side kick my boy outside so he can cut the grass, I mean, he is a lazy one, that boy is! lol

I know when I get like this, I must respond with poise and grace..I do not..not always.:)
What am I a saint now?

Venus retrograde..
Let it go, you can not worry about other's idea of you. Now, with the internet, the web and being connected, we are more susceptible to many violations of our emotions.
I call them violations because it is like a lure which drives you and then once there, you find your self in the cage of un-satisfactions.
There are real things to consider.
Like tomorrow, real tomorrow and holding your head high because you rock the real way.
Which way?
That is all on you.
Calm, thoughtful and really focused.
Venus does what Venus does just as Earth is driven through space and  along with billions of other rocks..
are we special?

I think we are. There is an electrical force in us that cannot be destroyed, yes, but still, is that enough to conclude that there is a higher being directing all of this?
I cannot say yes. I lean towards something, but not a king who cares which meat is good and which one is bad..unless you consider that (is is said) humans taste a lot like pork..ohhhhh....

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