Thursday, July 2, 2015

labdanum and harnessing happiness

Three things as I honor the full Moon's  reflection with our mother Star. I loves her!

Labdanum, a french guy's and so fine, I have been using it for years.
Excellent skin care and excellent immune builder labdanum is.
Ancient Cyprians ate it and mashed it with honey for all sorts of ailments.
I love it and have loved it for years. I should say her! She is like a good Scorpio woman and something that sinks in to your heart. Each atom simply knowing how to form in to molecules and all of them grouping together in such a simple way, in a plant to form complex vibrational activity.
I mean wow! Why not harness that?
Why not reflect and forgive your past unfortunates?
Why not do something else mind expanding  and be happy?
Why not think big numbers in happiness?
How about let us attend my little brain cells, mouths open and fervent, all vibrant and energetic..:)

I will say to my hearts goddess that you will be clean and strong like Freya
You will be fit and core ready like Athena.
You will be soft and open to choices and best results for a higher happiness like Shreem...
Om Hreem sur suriaya namaha...

Labdanum Patchouli

Labdanum Tunisian Neroli

Labdanum Frankincense
It is happening right now, at my shop.

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