Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good Day Sunshine

I hope you are well and happy as you read this.

Some of you may have already tried the salty tea tree soap I made and right, it is a respectable hand wash, remains firm and doesn't melt real quick. I'll wash my face with it any time.

It is salt of course!
In that one, the pink Himalayan, although I do like all the salts.
Right now I'm using a Sicilian crunch salt in my cooking! Excellent taste! 

For body, I love a nice patchouli soap.
I have been vehemently working on this old whore batch already having invested in  very nice oils for her.
And now with one drop oppanax, she stays on you a little longer.
I have enough to make one more really nice batch of soap with her and then a bunch of creams.
She'll be like old shalamar or something old from the past when they used real oils fromfar away places.
I love oils. I love a base of patchouli and vetiver.
What is it about chypre? 
Is it oakmoss? Is it labdanum?
( that is what Greece should look at and maybe grow it on other islands besides Cyprus.)) labdanum is wonderful.

I don't know.
 I do know, I love perfume ( the real thing) and I feel I am invested in a life long explosion of knowledge.

What do you think of that logo look?
I kind of like it even though it is a big change from my more feminine side.
Don't worry, I still like girls on the soap lable  because images invoke vibrations and I want you to remember me and love me:)
New soap this week?
I am almost out of the she wolf soap with  old whore plus geranium palmarosa and frankincense and propolis which is soothing and quite healing on damaged skin.
(We're all a little damaged)

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