Sunday, July 19, 2015

let us begin to think now about geranium

yes, geranium is beautiful. When paired with a little lime and bergamot, it is heavenly!
I will pair with lime for sure in a refreshing new soap.
I will add some nice oils to this next batch because I want the finish to be extra soothing and actually do something for condition and soften.
I have also been craving a cocoa butter based cream but with a lotion like effect and I will add some of my best things like astaxanthin and green propolis which is red because of the astaxanthin.
This cream will be gentle and vanilla based because cocoa butter must be vanilla laden. Every other oil interferes with its chocolate like scent.

I also have conditioning oils to add to that and I must say..this..."Mr. Kiel, my version will be cleaner since we cannot get a clear idea of what you put in yours except for a vague reference to beta carotene!"
I am always super surprised when I see prices for some of these items at the store. $80.00? Really?

ingredients in Anastasia's cream:
cocoa butter
shea butter
rose hip seed oil
sesame oil
avocado oil
a wee bit of beeswax
natural tocopherols from sunflower seed oil
vanilla co2
my excellent hand at making creams!

I hope that if you have dry skin and really like a nice thick over the top emolient cream, this is for you!


  1. that sounds lovely
    i have been enjoying the summertime whore cream every day since it arrived
    thanks again!

  2. You are welcome. I want you to know that through the years, we've been together, I have always loved you, plus we both love real smells!