Friday, October 30, 2015

happiness2016 when everything is fun again and who is Rick now?

It had better be fun because there is no point in continuing whatever we are to waste away in a dead life..I mean already dead life..
It is like you do everything they tell you to do that  is right and good and still you end up having to face the fact that you will die and have really not done anything but prean around in heels  and be nothing but a memory..hopefully not too many bad ones ha ha ha
What, too harsh?
I am harsh sometimes..words my friends, have power...they shake us up and make us think things.

Let us have fun again, I say. I feel like learning is fun and changing my mind to be happier is way better process a spiritual path I have no control over. I have control of my mind and that is my will and that is the power like with in man!
Like chi and like the jedi force..
I have been doing a little bit understanding about our world, who and what we are and what we are made of..
bacteria, lots of it, proteins that can move and cells that gather together to make each working thing in our bodies. (All the stuff that zombies like to eat::::)
Each age that unfolds before us understanding more and more which takes away the mysteries for more and more and makes thing not as scary..
I think about this question that was presented to a world leader in history and philosophy..
"which age would you want to live in most?'
Do you know what he said?
"This one!"
We have done away with stonings, and burnings of women, well mostly, we have done away with thinking storms and eclipses and tornadoes were punishment from god, and we have done away with gods which do not serve humanity, like, isis, like shiva and like zues..jesus, .yes i can talk about him, he was and still is so alive in people's mind as a redeemer of how bad we are..salvation and all that scary stuff...religions, they hate other so much who don't love him (their god) as much as they is freaky and stupid, yo.
Michio Kaku  says that until humans get past the need to fight for religion, they cannot evolve into interstellar human beings..
but we will and there will still be some back woods mystical man telling us about the path to follow..
Yet, it continues, we continually repave our roads so our paths change as they need to..of course they do.

So, everything is good and really wonderful in Michigan this time of year. The colors are spectacular here and now it is time to plan to cover up my fig..I hope it works because I wants to eat them in happiness 2016
I am totally freaked about the last episode of Walking Dead..Rick and his panicked state ( after cutting himself, having to fight the really bad guys that Morgan let go and then the RV, stalled because he broke having to shoot and kill the really bad killers) at the last scene, it  left me with, well, a little panic too..I can't talk about, "thank you", not yet. Do you love The Walking Dead? I do! I love the art, the acting, and the story! Love!

I will talk about oud and how much rose it needs to be happy in a blend..oud..kind of funky and umami..I am still working on the dragon's blood perfumed balm with oud, which is bloody red and almost black when you look at it in certain ways. No one has bought one yet..they will, and then it will be all gone..I might be holding back a little too. I just keep thinking it needs more citrus.. I know that by now, it is 40% myrrh based and beautiful, balsamic, amber notes and deep deep myrrh. I am super proud of this one and continue to be amazed at how essential oils can help us achieve a happier state by a simple scent molecules reaching deep spaces in our brains.

Have a good one and maybe I will talk about Rick tomorrow..

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