Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 29 anticipation and just days before the darkness is over and Imbolg

It is just days before Imbolg! That is a time when our sun our star goes enough over the horizon that we  get to see his rays and know now that they will only get more bright and more warm and more green grass grown and more flowers open like pink pussies screaming, "here I am am and thank you oh life giving forces! ha ha ha ha ha
For sure it is a hard to word to say. I rarely say it.
Calm down and put on some nice oil. I know you'll feel better. How vulgar it sounds and how vulgar "vulgar" sounds..


warm bed
real and unreal
must be kind to self and extend that truth to others..must be honest to self and extend that truth to others..must not believe own lie..must not

I slept badly because I am so excited about things. I also wore a new amethyst pendant that had maybe something to do with it. I feel energized and hopeful for so many wondrous things.
It is also the new moon I think  my list is getting long.
A million dollars would buy all the vetivers and sandalwoods  I need and would would bottle them and give some away to all thirsty soulful babes! I would!
I bought some real verbena..not litsea which I do not know why but it smells like citronella just a little  too much for me. It is like whoa! Maybe just a drop next time, anastasia!

Verbenna is more I do not know, grassy but it is not grass. It is softer, earthier and a little greener rather that citronellol overload..
That is what I will make a room spray with..I am listing it maybe today. I love a nice room spray now and again because I am lazy and hate to keep refilling a defussor all the time. Such fads, yea? I love classic, basic, clean, and purposeful. Still though, these little machines seem to break up the molecules in such a way that you get to breath them in and they can radiate in you. I tried it for a month with a nice frankincense oil I got from ananda apothecary. I feel like I got better in my walking and my joint management. It is management because you have to be willing to change otherwise the doctors  will fill you full of drugs that are too good until the make your colon explode..truth!
How about you?
What has the new moon brought in to deep seed mode? What are you conjuring in your deepest heart for yourself?
What are you still refusing to see?
Look and change, you must change your mind, look for a new way to work or learn.
It is the only way!

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