Wednesday, February 22, 2012

new moon news

with all that stuff in Pisces, I would say that one must emphasize compassion with a little stern knowledge in there for learning.
how else are youn'uns going to know what is up? There may be a young person who needs to learn the ways of sophistication and not walk around all knowing.
Let mamma tell you honey!
( I am mamma in case you were thinking it is you) :D

It is all about a Pisces ability to run the gig and be the one everyone turns to. She is rich, has good food and a warm inviting home a Pisces influenced woman is!
She also has her ways so don't go too pushy on getting "your way" with her. She can spot laziness from a mile away. She is hard working and will tell you that so should you be!
She smells good, warm like patchouli honey with citrus and sandalwood and one drop jasmine on the crack of her ass so that people who follow her are beckoned by something mysterious!
They are drawn to her by an invisible delectable string, which shines with glorious light and wonderful praises.

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