Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27 hello

merc is going retro in virgo..learn, do, re do and learn again
saturn is headed for scorpio..what do you want from sex or a life mate?

It is almost 4 years since I returned from Costa Rica. From living on a mountain with monkeys and banana plantations. I tended to those bananas every day in the morning but I knew that jungle life at the end of the world was not for me. Not by a long shot. I always asked myself when we were gonna get out of here and stop scrounging for rides up hills and long mountain passes. On some mornings,when I was all alone in the dark path watching all the bats ,head inside the canopy of the jungle for the day, I would walk down the hill and chant. I would chant about what I want.
here is one of my little diddies..( I don't know if that is word:)))

(sung to the tune of beverly hillbillies)
come and listen to a story about a gal named ann
she works very hard as hard as she can
then one day as she was feeding all her clan
up through her mind sprung a bubbling plan
of ideas and good mornings
well, the next thing you know ol' annie is a millionare
she still making soap and she doesn't have a care
her mind is full of gratitude and generous behavior
she has a lovely house and very lovely neighbors

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