Saturday, February 25, 2012

raspberry mask

2 dessertspoons cold pressed grounds of red raspberry seeds go a long way. I made a whole cup full of this mask and am still only 1/4 of the way through.
there is a fine clay in there and i made it paste with red raspberry oil, cold pressed as well.
it is very scrubby so next time I won't put so much seed material in it.
Oily and smooth with that clay for sure and goes on beautifully. I like all of them and for this cleanser I used the Kanwa clay minerals.
I have been washing my face with it for a week now. I am loving it and I always follow with a special serum. My skin is nice and smooth.
I couldn't be more content with red raspberries.
Eating them is like talking a vitamin. There are so many micro nutrients in a red raspberry that it would take a long time to list them if it were at all possible. I am planting a few of these fine brambles in my yard this summer and they will line a whole area of my yard from now on ~along with blue berries and blackberries.
Berries are not only important for your skin and hair, they also provide dense protection from harmful rays of the sun what with the anthocyonoids or what ever they call them. these are particles that form in very red and deep purple plants and flowers. they are super anti oxidant and have some sort of micro shield of protection from harmful substances.
We are now advanced enough to be able to analyse particles of matter that were unknown to us before. It is big I tell you!
You know what is so awesome about all this? It is Fatty Acids we should all embrace and learn about. They repair and break down clogged cells and refresh and tone your skin and anything that may linger directly under it. Adipose!

The mask cleanser goes on red looking from the berry seeds
I am going to offer it as a free gift with purchase (any purchase)~ That is how much I want you to try it and make your face look plump and moist.

Saturn is about to go into Scorpio, yippiieeee!
Maybe my bones won't ache as much..I am a Libra and Saturn in Libra has made me more aware of my bones and teeth as far as being to move in a reality as much as I "will to" in my mind.
Saturn is aging, teeth, dad, mamma, bones, lessons, work load, load of shit to shed....which one is you?

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