Wednesday, February 29, 2012

food matters

I watched this documentary yesterday.
Loved it and I think we should all watch it.
I will to watch it again. Not because I am angry but because some of the reference science they spoke about is right up my ally. Global Pharmaceutical profits go through the roof! Many billions of dollars a year. No wonder they don't want us to take vitamins.
They make us healthy and we feel better.
Doctors study medicine, which toxic drug for which disease. They are all toxic to your liver..all of them!

The idea here is that you consume a fresh food diet including today's super foods.

wheat grass every day for sure if you are sick
pom seeds
all that deep red dark fruit which contains super tiny particles which heal and protect.

Maybe that Oz fellow is on our side. At least he is sending people in the store. My friend Tonie told me that. I said ok. I will make this good but I am still not going to bring in ketones or white bean extract. The ketones are petrolium based.
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