Saturday, February 4, 2012

why is everything going my way

why do I always have what I need at the time I need it
why can I see my ego flaring and am able to contain it before words turn into swords
before the whole thing turns in to a piercing trust of a stingray's tail thingy not caring where it will strike...
being wrong hurts but it feels better that not knowing you are wrong
why can I now forgive in order to be free?
Free of fear of every little thing...Wrap it in worry like a scared little mouse
worrying that you won't be smart enough to pay for your house..
Finding out where your darkness lies and embracing it and then setting it free..
Is Neptune in Pisces bringing new ideas my way?
Letting me know that I am OK? Is there a part of me that loves me too much? Now way..

Carrot Juice
3 assorted bags of organic frozen veg, kale being one of them
a can of og black beans
a can of og garbanzo
seasoning of choice
I think Karen (the inventor) used braggs liquid aminos..
it was delish, low in fat and highly filling...
eat it for lunch for one week

tonight, I will cut the lemon raspberry seed soap...
of course it turned out to be more will love it if you get one.
I couldn't help it. The base is a pure og cream soap base with a few raspberry seeds.
Then I added the rose otto, lemon oil and stirred. I poured half of this in the mold and with the other half of the creamy fat, I added a splash of wild frankincense and wild sweet orange oils. The red Moroccan clay was necessary!
Does this sound boring? :):):)

Have a great day..:)

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