Sunday, February 19, 2012


how much vomit can one person look at and not think of The stand?

I have moments when I believe that every child should be home schooled because my kids were wheren't sick before public school. I am not talking about the system. I am talking about cramming 500 600 kids together and making sure they stay clean. The people that run these buildings can't possibly make sure everyone is hand washing. When a stomach flu hits hard like this, it is most assuredly airborn by now. As a mom, I have not been so comfortable with this part of children raisin'..I get grossed out, and queasy myself. But I am MOM, I am strong and I am feeling good.

I have been cleaning my house like mad and washing sheets with 7th generation free and clear and pure lemon oil. The floors, with eucalyptus, which I will now add tea tree oil because I do have some stashed some where in a 5 ml vial and it does kill germs!
I rarely use tea tree.
Maybe I should learn to love tea tree oil, like I should learn to love wintergreen.
Now birch I think I can go for... and even some wintergreens have been memorable.
But I normally steer away from these guys.
Wintergreen is used in many pain formulas and has a pain reducing effect on the body and we all know that birch is one of the best things for circulation and detoxification of stagnancy in the stuff under your skin:D

Tonight for my bath I will combine
30 ml carrier oil- og coconut in a bath is excellent and easy ( just scoop out a spoon and mix in your oils. If it is not soft stir it up, it'll go soft in no time and the coconut smell goes away and your immunity bath is ready)
8 drops birch
8 drops wintergreen
8 drops Cyprus
8 drops Siberian fir
Himalayan salt to taste ( will go one cup)
Mix your coconut and essential oils and dump them in the bath while the hot water is running. Add your salt and wait until you bath water is completely mixed up with your oils. If you still have oil floating on your bath water, make a little soap cream in your hand with a nice bar of something, and mix that in the water before you get in and oil floats on your delicate skin.
I had that happen with grapefruit oil once. Even my leathery skin was not happy!

Be brave, clean the tub, get in there, float..
think about all the goodness that flows to you all day
all because you are willing to accept joy and happiness anyway
be aware of your self
and always speak to people with respectful adoration
they like that:D

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