Friday, February 10, 2012

the earthly delights

I watched a dvd called DIVE last night. It is about food and how much we have to waste.
Are you going to tell me people are starving and then toss 200 pounds of chicken in the garbage? I had no idea.

Monsanto (which by the way is kicked out of Europe and Costa Rica) says we need to make more food in a lab so it lasts longer so we can feed the world so we can sell it in a timely way and so no one gets blamed toss it in the trash when it gets close to its "exp date"..

I take notice of these things ladies and gentlemen because we are responsible for all the garbage. It is gross to think that here in Michigan we have so much trash that Romulus looks like a ski resort, except with big trucks and gates and a gray pallor everywhere. It was once country side in Romulus with farms and trees all over the place. Today there are garbage hills for miles, yes, miles! And, I have heard a rumor that we get paid to bring Ontario Canada's trash here too. Thanks, you fucks!

Monsanto, another word for Round Up, a poison which kills vegetation, yes grass and weeds which we ate in the old days for good health, before Dr Oz told us what to eat.
How interesting they named their top product Round Up.
They are rounding up all the seeds they can so they can control the commodity of food consumption.
Organic farmers today have to hire lawyers because those government bullies take away their freedom to eat the way they want to. Monsanto is very involved and has top workers in office. Remember Donnald Rumsfeld?

It is up to us then. To educate ourselves and decide how we will feed our children and our grandchildren. High fructose corn syrup (GMO< Monsanto) causes heart conditions, course diabetes, excema, and nervous depression. It does! Then the drug companies get to make billions on pills to help you...
That is where Dr Oz comes in here.
How many people, mostly women came in the store looking for raspberry ketones?
How many phone calls?
This is how they sold this product;
"you have to eat a bushel of raspberries to get the amount of ketones in this supplement"
This is what I reply to all the excited fat asses, some very thin, some just right;
"maybe you shouldn't be eating a bushel of anything!" There is no magic pill!"
You will have to eat responsibly and with function not just pleasure and no amount of ketones is going to fix your need to be told what to go meditate and take some fish oils for goodness sake.
Minami is my favorite.
And I didn't say all that. I did think it though:)
yesterday and very pretty and well dressed obese family, mom, pops, the giant yunguns, wanted the ketones.
"I am sorry, we don't have them.."
I thought to myself, what are these people consuming?
High Fructose is a fermented mind control drug made in a lab, my friends. It gums up toxic particles and sticks them on your arteries as plaque. it is the number one cause of sugar diabetes and heart issue..all gmo corn all Monsanto Round up..
just saying...


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