Friday, February 24, 2012

hello from weirdsville

were you in a weird volatile zone yesterday and were running around just barely accomplishing any task? Kids in trouble, mass misunderstandings...

And if I hear one more person ask for chick weed for reducing water weight, I am going to loose it. Alright, I will not loose it. Yes, we had chick weed last year, remember when you didn't want it? I spoiled those myself because they went past the exp. date (another rant for another day with that). My point is that the guy ( Dr Oz) just picks random things and these people flock like sheep in line to buy what ever he says. pretty soon we will have a shelf with a big sign saying "as seen on Dr Oz"!
Does anyone see a problem with this guy? Or am I just annoyed that he is basically taking my job away. All I have to do is keep what he says in stock and we'll make money right?
Oh right! The CLA is already being returned because some knob thinks it should take a day to work like her aderol does. Or now it is all about 7keto...yes we tried that in the 80's and you still have to eat less or it will not do what diet pills will do.
That is the thing isn't it? We want the drugs that work but when they start to not work and take away, we look weak, flabby, pale and fat in the eyes. There is a good sign your liver is being overloaded, fat eyes!
What do I know?
I am going to work this morning and going to do my best and try to be patient. I will tell them to drink another diuretic tea with parsley and bitter fennel and maybe they will be content for one day. Now way!? Now he says Pur eh will help you loose weight? "Sorry we are all out of Pur eh since this morning at ten..:)"
I try to remind them that, you must practice diligence with herbs and supplements and not just jump to the next thing that guy tells you!
What the hell, dude!
Thank you for the business really, but will you please start educating on usage, and way of life and make more thoughtful choices on products which are actually on my shelf. I had three boxes of 7 keto for 6 months before that guy talked about it for weight loss. Now I have 12 and they will be gone by this afternoon. I should be happy.
Stop calling it belly fat! It sounds like a jelly doughnut for the stomach!!:)
If you want a firm stomach you must, eat less, skip dairy and animal products and exercise.
It works every time too!
I cut butter out of my diet 4 weeks ago and I am more fit looking. Plus I do yoga. Yoga is the best way to learn about your body and begin to love it and also control its flow of energy. By strengthening your core, you are now in control of everything around you.
Am I thin? NO!
I have always been stout. It is the Greek in me. I look bad if I get too thin. My fat is nice and holds my skin up a little. Why do you think Madonna injects herself with plumpers..?? Just sayin'")

I am happy and I would like to always be in a state of understanding, calm and grace.
Thank you for allowing me this morning's rant:)
I will eat quinoa today with almonds and apricots and perhaps some currants. It'll be delicious with a box of blueberries and a tall water an hour later.
The fact that I have access to fine food always, is just my luck! I am happy indeed then!

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