Tuesday, February 14, 2012

mirroring and angst

my eye is twitching. It usually means some fear thing is creeping up on me and I get crazy intense inside. It is always for my good but lets just say that the universe is violent and we're in it.
It helps that I am aware of it which kind of angsts me more..
So I went to Mystic Medusa's blog and the first thing I read was Pluto and how to handle the transit.
I am in a a huge Pluto transit. Libra Sun (saturn there now)and Pluto in Capricorn in my first house.
I mean if I haven't completely transformed by now, then my name isn't "gorgeous (53 year old) babe in a Libra way."
Pluto is all about transformation.
A breakdown of structures and by now, those changes have been well under way. Life is learning!
What one has to do with Pluto is submit and always "actually" forgive.

I purchased A Course in Miracles yesterday..12.99 at Barns and Noble..
I open the book in the middle and it struck me.."you do not have to suffer, if you are a child of God, you do not have to suffer"

that is a big thing to people when you mention it. I always take it to; "that is why we cannot rely on here say about Jesus having to suffer for our sins"
"what is your issue, Anastasia?" said the avid Armenian christian lovie I work with...
As soon as you say Jesus, people get defensive. Me too I reckon.
But besides Jesus having to suffer, I do not think we have to suffer. That was 2000 years ago. Voyager has left our solar system and is out in the milky way! There are perhaps billions of earths out there. I wish I were smarter so I could write about it:):)

I find that when you live right life
and right food
and right thought
(there is a proper list at some Buddhist site I am sure)
Things fall in to place, the right place.

the challenge for Pluto in the first house is how you will forgive each time.
It seems Pluto wants me to mull things over till its an acid in my mind..
I must be sensible and forgive, forgive forgive.
I trust myself and this moment:)

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