Monday, February 6, 2012

packing orders

I am a bit behind this week and as you know , work sometimes goes ten day on and one day off. It'll end soon as we are hiring help on that end.
Two days off means orders will be less time and more efficient. I did get some new papers. so pretty, so vibrant!

Things are really good. yes i get upset, but I always see myself as acting 'selfishly" and will earnestly make an effort not to ride the "ego train"...xx

I feel moody though.
like really, you waited in vitamins to ask me where the milk is?
That is like waiting in the parking lot at the gym for a close spot so you don't have to walk from your car too far. hah hahaaa!
It is true, we always want the closest spot. I suppose that goes for life.
So my new manager, is a raw vegan and sort of a yogi. He is all about fairness and love. I am too, but I wear my heart on my sleeve (like when I told a lady who was harassing me about salt, I love Jesus, so drop it, I am saved.. really I am! I hurt her feelings, he saw that) and he has an intense stare where he doesn't say much. A Leo boss..they like it when you do simple errands for them and they want delight..
I will be his right hand woman for a while since they are giving me money and then more money. I need less some would say. It is true I can live with less so when I get an extra 100 a month, I like it..that is like a phone bill.)

Ok so, the boxes, the butters and the soap..all doing fine and will be at your door this week..Australia, 2 weeks!
making some butter right now..
feel the fear and do it anyway:)
I accept all glory both money and fame..

have a glorious day sweeties

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