Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy new moon

in Pisces!
Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Chiron together? Yikes!
It is all good my lovlies, all good.
Well, yesssss, there is loss of a loved one or two. As long as you are living right, you have nothing to fear. That is how Pisces rolls. There is kindness and compassion galore and then, bamm, someones is lost to us. Drugs, liquor and other things can go wrong but it is all in what you nurture.
If you are sitting there wallowing in self hate and pity, you will be sad and lonely and who gives you more love than you can use at one time? Drugs, sex, that TV, maybe? Although I admit, I do enjoy netflix and I will admit one more thing, I ate a Big mac the other day! I never eat Big Macs, I don't know why I wanted it so much. It was delicious and then I got a little sick, felt a little ashamed of myself and let it be. What was I going to do beat myself up all day and night because of one fast food meal?
With all this Neptunian energy, we can harness love, art, compassion, dance moves and dream evaluation. Oh, you will dream and dream big I say. Don't be afraid of love and success, it is a commin'! It is already here for you to pluck as needed.
Be the glorious woman or man you can be and do it without even outwardly trying. Yea, then you can be super elegant when they tell you that you are awesome and you do great work and you are an artist, you'll say, "thank you" xxxxxxx
Happy New Moon

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