Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio

If I were to think back about 30 years ago I could get an idea of what I have been embarking on today.
yes, it will be a different octave but I will know what kind of energies I am dealing with here from the other side. It is almost like crossing a huge lake and after a long journey, you are on the other side of that. the trajectory is what we should look at with Saturn.

Aries, sneaking around is not going to satisfy your insatiable love for the party.

Taurus, you are beautiful and have to learn something about accepting modes of business and school, so buck up babe!

Gemini, keep plugging and there will be some really nice things to work on. I know you are bored and you are thinking about the future. Don't worry about the future, the future takes care of itself by you contentment today...

Cancer, take the accolades and the rewards for a job well done:)

Leolicious, what a nice lovely person you are. Loosing things along the way and looking good while doing it.This Saturn will make you more in control of your destiny. Of course you will do a good job.:)

Virgo, take a huge breath honey and release..still here? You must learn to love and forgive. Your stubbornness can make your bones hurt and you must forgive..forgive, forgive, forgive.

Libra, Saturn is still close enough to keep you humble. You have all the tools. Forgive and always praise others. It is better for the outcomes of daily life..

Scorpio, look, you cannot mix staying up all night and the yelling your ideas to loved ones during the day and then needing loving after that..just saying.
What about letting others be right. This is you chance to realize where you need to change your habits.

Sagittarius, fix some stuff at home and be honest about your hearts desire instead of adhering to "old world" traditions and beliefs. Your duties intensify a bit and you will have to take charge of things yet again....he he

Cappy, what a great time this is for us(my moon is cappy). learning, stretching, being happy and learning some more...this is what it means to be happy. You must spend alone time and it is ok because before you knew it, it was done:)

Aquarius, dude, you are hot and you are cold...so warm and comfy and then bamm, you disappear..ah darling Aquarius..love you!

Pisces, I feel like you. I want to be like you and I like the way you think. Thank you for the awesome advice and understanding. Pisces people, you are my best thing:))

I am still reading the Course in Miracles..
basically it is about;
I am sorry
please forgive me
thank you
I love you

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