Thursday, July 26, 2012

Host Defense

I am on the mushrooms! Stamets 7. Rishi, maitaki, lions mane and the big brain one, cordiceps all included. Now there is something interesting right there..cordiceps are a fungus that bury themselves in the brain of some caterpillar and grow out of the top of their heads..crazy right? More crazy, is that some one said let's eat that and see what happens..
This one is grown on brown rice..and it is the best mental reviver I have consumed in years.
Mushrooms are wonderful for health..they contain super charged enzymes and other components that are part of the spark of life..beta glucans, poly saccharides..I won't list them all because each mushroom has different chemical constituents. Cordiceps are rich in mannose while Maitaki is more beta glucans..
get Paul's little sweet mushroom book. It is an easy read and very informative.
Myco Medicinals
Give them a call, they are so nice!

Mushrooms for health and well being are a fine choice for me! They are very wonderful and give me tons of energy, which I have been storing for the next season.
I am off from my "other" job for a few glorious days!!

I might take a drive to Ann Arbor to get some papers but after that I'll be holed up watching a long drama on Netflix, called Breaking Bad..
The two leading actors have amazing chemistry and, I haven't been the same since watching.
Interestingly, the actors in this drama are  Pisces and Virgo in real life, both choosing to enrich a role and make it juicy..right on!

*ever since their  Saturn in Virgo transit 3 years ago, Virgos haven't been the same have they? Well, even after all that drama in Virgo's life, they have been able to separate themselves long enough to have recovered somewhat from the ordeal they had just put themselves through..learn that you do not have to suffer to receive divine atonement! And most folks are in the same sort of pain you hurts you more....
Who am I to say that it doesn't?

** now there is the art of making money, but babes, the less we scheme and the more we do, should be our mantra..and  we do it because we want something nice, kind and beautiful  to shine thorough.

My personal plan is to make soap but not until next week, this week will be for enjoying my life and selling what I do have.
 My lovely people have been really digging the sulfur soap (soul radiance)..I already have to make more!
I bought red mandarin oil  recently which I will mix with dark patchouli..I will put in some mango melange that Christopher conjured up at White Lotus:), I can hardly wait to smell that!
My mouth waters at the thought of such gloriousness.
I'll be patient, I'll wait!

Just made and still curing is a wild sweet orange, blood orange,  bergamot, neroli petitgrain, bergamot petitgrain and frankincense (Somalia) to hold it together. I kind of went a little hotter than usual and the orange still smells a little smokey. I find this occasionally when working with orange oils..
I hope it turns out ok..I will include an nice cut sample with each order for a bit..I hope you get to try this.

Have a wonderful day~

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