Monday, July 23, 2012


it is a big part of my job as a person and at work.
Am I like Lucy and Ethel in that chocolate episode..??
I am in control and plan every move with precision and style and even though I am odd in many ways, they accept me for that..they are all so nice to  me.
But back to my point..
Isn't running a home and family sort of like that? Every few weeks you dig in the wardrobe and clean things out? Or, have a flood in the laundry room forcing you to have to now sweep and mop and then everything is sparkly again inviting all the good and lots of money:)
I think so.
Enjoy this mercury retrograde at home, languishing(can I say that?) rather than fight the world..lasts till August 22, really..I still haven't bought a new printer so I made copies of some of my girl's art and am now using that to wrap your soaps until I find a nice printer.
Also about mercury retrograde, is that our juices are flowing..inspirations coming out of nowhere and making us excited.  Remembering dear ones whom you haven't seen for years, just pop up in to your life again?
 I know right!
Life is an awesome journey.

"A doubting mind is always looking back, always thinking of the alternative" osho

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