Tuesday, July 17, 2012

merc retro and my juices are starting to flow

oh yea, river flow..
fix this and fix that, right?
spending money and keep fixing and then another yet smallish thing pops up?
buck up, it is almost finished, do one thing at a time and do it while planning the other thing?
dealing with somewhat out of touch type of person who is pushing your buttons?
Where are the boons?
Oh they pop up unexpectedly from our past and thrill us with gifts.
I open my mail and there is money or a necklace with a sweet peal in a pod..look at how  how enriched your life is and how many people care about you.
You should be more accepting of gifts from people...
This is a time to rest for sure. Get inside and rest yourself, honey..wash your hair and read something  nice if you want to..
watch netflix something, something... ( we're re-watching Dr Who before the next season starts and a new show my daughter likes, Psych..just fun chillin' stuff for Summer)

I did say pops not poops, right?

plus it is hot. just so hot...

yup..it is mercury retrograde...in July!

Poor scorched earth, right  now..and just a few solar flares did this. Now can you see the power of our Sun and how it spins Mercury and how it spins us and how we are a part of the great magnetism?
 Our bodies are equal to  thousands of tons of nuclear weapons in  just one human... each cell being fed by starlight or our Sun.
That is how much energy it takes to keep your cells and heart and brain going..that there is Sun energy.
Have a glorious day.
I am using a soap called Intention and then afterwards putting on  spruce patchouli frankincense on my knees and wrists..
It'll be a good day, :0

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