Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Great day and great times! Thank you for your awesomeness and believing in me even when I've been a goon!

The weather has been hot beyond comfort. But, we... er... I am suffering through it. Drinking water and eating fruit and veggies, raw mostly. The neighbor brought over some green beans from his garden and I simply threw them in a pot and boiled 8 minutes with salt, sea salt...
I think you can be extra hydrated if you don't have a bunch of heavy  food in your belly..although I did make a delicious pasta dish the other day which they gobbled kids did with some of their friends.

People really love my home and am in love with the vines..I included today's photo of their glorious beauty!
I never sit in there, you know. I don't want to shake them up too much. The arbor thing is for them..:)

'I enjoy my comfortable daily life'

Have a wonderful day,

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