Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oh osho

there's the rumor that he was assassinated..well...
besides that, I am trying to read through his book.

Speaking of which..or should I say Witch!
How come any religious book that I read, always talks about the no's?
no sex
women are wicked
men are always noble
no drugs
no carry out
no dependency on human emotion

Look around buddy, every one is getting high on something..and even in sacred India, they are sniffing some sort of chemical whitener..you know, the one people used to paint over a wrong word on a page...
yes, they brush a bit on their hand and dry it and then sniff it.
Where is Durga there honey? Where is the monkey faced man who cares for nature?
Where was Jesus when my mother watched her own father get bayoneted to death by a Catholic..sort of!
How had a 4 year old manifested that through karma?
Another word for guilt for some""
Today, and here and now where we have money, there are jobs in drugs and drugs galore to take..
That guy, that guy who knows chemistry is  now is in a lab making synthetic chemicals ( Prozac, adirol and something...!) which trigger more molecular change than any shot of fine whiskey, amazing sex with your mate or a good bit of homegrown will ever do.

I mean really?
How can growing pot put you in jail when the  cigarette industry  thrives in  a big legal drug fueled empire in which every seed of tobacco in the US is soaked in chemical weed killer before planting! They are then regularly sprayed with chemicals  because you cannot possibly grow that much tobacco and get a bug free product, after that they are mixed with igniting materials like salt peter..= heavy metals in the body = poison
I would like to know, what kind of person would make gaseous poisons and then put them in a  box or can and then spray you with it  and then go and throw someone in jail for growing a plant at their own house?
Did you know that lawn maintenance is one of the biggest poisons to our Earth's water supply?
Did you know that they can still find traces of Prozac in the drinking water in certain places of the US?
Wow, I wonder how it all got there..

I realize it will not matter in the end. When the earth's surface once again turns in to melted rock oozing and concentrated with our collective existence and.... once again regenerates itself into molten violent being and finally..frozen for a small eternity until our Universe collapses back into itself and then begins its heavenly cycle once more..breathing and being is a mirracle!

Kindness is a drug. Giving is a drug and being loved is a drug..Flower Remedies are  drugs because your intentions are  drugs..each cell remembering itself..heh...
I am the master of my domain..
I do what I want therefore I am happy
thank you i love you

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