Wednesday, July 4, 2012

parent stars

Do you know why they call them parent stars? Because without the birth of a star (which is violent), planets would not form, neither would enzymes or bacteria..
Our sun is our true parent and itself having been created from debris from a death of a super massive star exploding and spreading stardust (us) throughout The Universe, including gold, silver and basics like silica and you still think God is a guy sitting on a throne?
The holy spirit, I get.
The holy throne, the trinity, the virgin births, the men in robes..
They are diviners of captured energy and can lead masses though fear of punishment from god.
The Law of Attraction is God, dudes! And pulls everything back together and then spreads it out again in space and here.
Your thoughts mold you and make you who you are now and flare out as far as time to draw their rewards!

 I shall now create thoughts which will guide me in to new glorious situations.
Let The Universe bring wonderful boons...

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