Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am reading OSHO, The Mustard Seed
"The Revolutionary Teachings of Jesus"
Very cool..

I know that I rant on and on about The Truth and such..
I am very interested in the real events not some rules and kingdom made up of men in robes saying who can do what.
Mostly it's because I was raised in The Greek Orthodox Church, where men lead the religion and women make sweets for after the services, while looking good!
Greek women love to look rich and classy and we pride our selves on how well we can work with filo dough.
My mom rolls out her own, I rarely use filo, but the other day I had a work of art at In Season Cafe in Royal Oak Michigan, which blew my socks off!
Some sort of pistachio stuffed  whole wheat filo with a cauliflower sauce..
I do not know how the chef made cauliflower taste so heavenly, but he or she certainly did. I gobbled up everything!

My stuffed filo recipe which I always make for my family( when I do make, that is)
pack of filo dough, thawed
2 sticks salted butter melted on very low heat
two packs cleaned spinach ( I like the babies in a bag)
1 pound container whole milk ricotta
1 pound container of cottage cheese again whole fat
salt pepper
dollop of olive oil
grated lemon
1 cup crumbled feta
4 eggs (free range)
a bit chopped green onion ( not too much)
taste, add more salt if needed

now fold a about two tablespoons at a time in to filo triangles.. each layer being dressed in the butter in layers
I use one sheet per triangle~ brush with butter and place on backing sheet.
if you do not know how to fold filo in to triangles, google is super easy..
bake at 400 for 10 minutes and then at 350 till golden brown

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