Friday, July 6, 2012

the god particle

oh yea..
the divine force and belly of a whale
he heh

we are stardust we are golden:)

So why couldn't evolved species of life live with in a white dwarf for example?
Look at it this way..
Everything we are will be born and die and rot and  will have become something else to the point of we now are and what we will become here on earth...
so in three billion years as our earth is consumed  by our star and we eventually become re torn appart within a boiling diamond in creation..carbon..and other all that will have become for many billions of years..

What will we have evolved to be then, I wonder?

 I mean we have only been here about a million years in this form.."homo sapien or as I would say,  "stand up on two legs walker"
I just wonder is all
have a glorious day:)

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