Tuesday, July 10, 2012

enzymes~ the spark of life

That is the death of a star.
With in that sphere are all the materials which made up its solar system..and what ever it made up during its billions of years of existence...materials like carbon, calcium, enzymes, and alcohols.....
it looks like your eye doesn't it?
Which leads me to enzymes and your eye...:)

Enzymes are found in all living cells..every part of you from your beginning..
They enable us to see, hear, feel, move and think.

Did you know?
You are only born with a certain amount of enzymes.
Everything raw has its own enzymes to break itself down.
Everything cooked requires the body to release more from its store.
Everything dead like meat as well.
Everything which shouldn't be there like toxins.

If you feel sluggish and dirty inside, try some enzymes before meals and eat more fruit, tomatoes and bananas:) cherries, lettuce, pineapple, water mellon, melon' and mango..no limits!
The idea being that you fill up on the good stuff and have less room for the rough stuff, like sugar and dead fried meat on top of bleached soft white flour..
Even we, the healthy cooks, break down and eat carry out!
Then the bloating begins, right?

For a nice enzyme blend, I like for sure, Enzymedica, they are awesome and vegetarian and the owner is really a scientist Tom Bohager (lovely man) and  they only make enzymes..
 Mega Food is good too.
Choose vegetarian rather than something glandular..and I must say, Standard Process brand seems to have a following and they use pancreatin and trypsin ..which are both animal derived.

Think about your last meal..the food you ate, the protein and vitamins your teeth ground for you to swallow..
I did eat some birthday cake for Emily, my daughter..she is a wonderful girl, they both are. Listen, I work hard and love cake!
Have a wonderful day and remember to remember about the star..and how you will evolve into that sphere of burning light..
Maybe in 3 billion years,  we will have made an atmosphere on Mars so that our species can survive further in to time..
Maybe there will be palm trees there and our future generations will watch the Earth become molten again.....
Don't worry though because energy cannot be destroyed..it can only change and transform..

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