Saturday, July 7, 2012

some sort of greek flower

My mother has been saving these seeds every year since we came here in 68..:) She smuggled some of her favorite flower seeds so that she could plant them here . She is an amazing gardener..
I think they look like some sort of breed of Impatiens, but I am not sure...

I want to show you the bees wax!
It comes all crumbly with bits of honey and propolis and bits of this and that..sweetness in life.
I will strain all that tomorrow (save that material and make soap) but the wax, ah the wax, with that I will make some fine balms and then..well who knows. I might even captivate my own soul''':)

**that crusty stuff is honey which separated and then caramelized. I can smell wild flowers and sweet yarrow.

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