Wednesday, July 18, 2012

boredom and food shopping

The more you say it, the more it happens, right?
Yes, I get bored!
Do you think I wouldn't get bored answering questions about tea tree oil and green coffee bean all day?
Special orders and disgruntled customers..and..
 Did you just "you hoo" me? ( I was appalled and she was well dressed too..just goes to show you, money isn't everything)
"yes" she replied..
As I approached this woman, she immediately changed her demeanor..all she wanted was pie and what it tasted like last week..she came all the way to cheese to do that, heh!
I am like we're out, how about frozen is good, you simply thaw it..
"I want what I want."

"I understand," I always say:) "I am sorry, ma'am."
( while walking away, I think how I will try to shed this one in a thousand encounter)

I am thinking to myself that, people need to get back to being polite.
Seriously? You speak that way to a sacred servant of your food? Are you crazy? You are going to eat that and feed your soul with that vibe? No wonder you look so thin and frail..In some places they do worse..
Better way..bless it from the moment you walk in the are the one who is grateful that you have this awesome place in which to buy nourishment and glorious items from around the world!!
Plus the way I see it; you are lucky to get to talk to me, you'll see...I'll even show you Rescue Remedy!

" I love and enjoy my glorious job"

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