Saturday, February 14, 2015

every body

has a new way of talking and I walk like a giraffe! ha ha ha

That is what one boy said to me, "you walk like a giraffe!"
"it is the ravages of time, boy, how you doin'?"

In my mind I walk like a gazelle..freely and easily through my day.

Yes, Mercury is direct and we also have gone directly to thinking things through.

Always guiding our mind to our best things.
Our mind, now there is a IS really ours, maybe huh? All of us driven by some group collective chemical do you think slums spread or a breakdown of a city..lack of attention and care for better outcomes over all? Better yet, glorious gardens with flowers and happy people thriving in good health and prosperity.

They used to call that little guy in your brain some sort of name too! God?  No, I forget, it starts with, "H...Homunculus, I think..
who is in charge

I am in charge of my things (value) thoughts and my calm cool attitudes..good words fly though my body directed by my thoughts and energy suddenly shoots out through my fingers spreading immeasurable goodness to all I meet..this thought is a seed which spreads to all I may yet to encounter..we are drawn together by this brilliant force..The great attractor..just like out in space, we are out in space..

That is us, where the red dot is..

I love you:)

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