Monday, February 2, 2015

mercury retrograde and the magnetic forces as great as one molecule being able to think for itself and reproduce itself and happy imbolc

Okay, ask me  for mercury advice and then you get mad because you feel like I am telling you what to do or some other dumb thing..
"it is the way I "divine" and how I "intuit"..words come out..dang it, but they do! LOL

If anyone one feels like I have to censor my words when speaking to Catholics and they are,being Chaldean,  have more of a hurt feeling card when I criticise the bible.
I will not censor my words over this  or any other thing which needs review...just because I am not allowed to say anything because you know, they are Chaldean or they are Jewish or they are snake holding is ridiculous and no one should have more special rights on earth based on the  belief that that there is an all mighty god waiting to judge you as a sinner..stop it.

"uh, since I am a sinner, why did he make me that way?"
and "who made him?"
How is he so favorable to one race over another here on earth?

I would ask this of any leader or any of my children or of my friends,

I would say that he should just show up one day clearly, and tell everyone, on earth..everybody..ok..clearly, not with sheep or fire breathing dragons in the sky..clearly..not with donkeys or blood..human sacrifise and threats! Honestly!

"hey I am here, now stop wasting your planet and be nice to each other..make something good yo, "hey you, with robes and a your mean angry  demi god over the cartoon, put the sword down or I am comin after you in three seconds, mister!"

This god seems to wait and give cryptic messages and sends himself down here to save us and that didn't work he said he'll come back some day and everything will be sunny. How many years has this god been watching  innocents being tortured by weather, by their own kind? He must love it or he would not have created it??
Wow dude, really..maybe I will think about a better way now..this whole idea is kind of scarring me more than any zombie ever could.

How can he make a forever torture chamber for humans? (hell)

One christian asked me recently, "when is the last time Christians did something so bad as to cut peoples head off like the new highlighted terrorists at this moment?'   I said, "as early as when Hitler decided to kill all the Jews in Germany because he was Catholic and hungry and it was cold I guess..
"That was a long time ago", he said..
It was not a long time ago. In Bosnia and in Syria we see the same thing all over one religion over the there. In Ireland where they fight over God whether he is Catholic or the  more tyrannical Protestant god.They bomb things for! Is that what The Lamb Of God, brought?

The snakes were Ireland, when st. valentine came there and killed them..
The real day is was today not the 14th of Feb.

They called "Pagans" anyone who had fun and wasn't them.. lol

"You are a Christian, do not say that!"
"No, I cannot say that I am"
"What do you believe in then, Astrology, The Stars?"

I can see the stars and pretty much measure them every day. There is a formula(to everything) and I can count them, had I the time.The Sun making its way back fulfills every promise, ever year in  which I live on the earth. Will I come back better or having to learn more so I can reach Nirvana?
Will I have suffered enough like Jesus   and finally be free in Heaven to live in constant serenity?
If I do enough Kria, will he speak with me then? Will he change time itself to make me happier?

At least the kria helps your body what with the rhythm of the breathing and control of ones will.
I can dig is wonderful.

But now, I was saying about mercury retrograde..the do for others in the extreme..the see other's fears and help them and the where is all my money and why does everyone need so much of it all at once???
One must give themselves to each idea and every deed, with this desire to make it always good, the best thing..always mindful,  which actually makes your will strong.

What is "Will"?
we should study this..

cleaning and preparing and planning
creating while being still and then soon, the doing.

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