Monday, February 23, 2015


my caps were on..that is what kind of blogger i am:)

Hey guys, did you know it is the year of the goat or ram? The green sheep as some in modern times call call it, and some call it the year of the the goat then or the sheep? It has to be different mythology for each of them, no?
I would think the sheep is easier to control and the goat more a loner...also more danger where there are still many bears in the mountains, like in Turkey, there are bears!

How can Chinese astrology reflect on the whole world then?
 Probably just enough to make it sound mystical. The ideas of animals effecting us?
There is some truth to that, I mean it is 4* out  there and 14 below wind chill and In Australia where the sheep are plenty, it is still thing says something.. to me..
like, sex, birthing, organizing, thinking, being calm and speaking your mind.

Of course it will be a better year! We will have finally understood the score..and yes, some people are might have thought one thing and now you know, about it... now, instead of having your back stabbed all over again, right, you let go and think for yourself.
I know,  finding real people to be close with is hard, that doesn't mean try everyone before the best thing in your mind comes along. It means form a group that protects one another. A family, strong and money the sheep's life it is the milk, the cheese, the hair which keeps anyone warm, the leather for boots and warmth in winter from their warm bodies just near by. In Greece in my village, the sheep slept below some of the houses. They kept things so clean in order for that to work..clean up then..get a hair cut, always be on the look out, your keen sense of smell, sharp, your taste in the finest grasses easily insinuated...

gleaming group
rowdy in words
beautiful hair
wiggles as she walks
romps with much flair
by the end of this year
the spell which has been cast
will bring riches
and happiness beyond compare
 be aware of strangers with dark eyes
wolves, they  love sheep

Goat Man Soap? omg :)

goat man
reaching out
invisible force

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