Friday, February 6, 2015

the language of leon


you are cute as a kitten
you are fun as a wild beast
lazy of laziest
greedy of greed for acquisition of lazy deeds
or droll you do
on insignificant things
like what a douche justin beiber is because he sold out
for fake art
You are a scientist
in the future
as a youth so sweet and eager
as a young man obstinate
and out of your mouth, more hurtful when you hurt
every  one does..they feel the same brutal agony inside bite where it counts for the best things and to others know where right off, you are keen

it is time to clean your corner...your little dirty cave
clean your face too..
paleo may be for you  ha for me.
you actually need to hunt
get ready to hunt boy
or you'll be like that lazy bitter hateful lion on the cartoon movie.
If you want the best things
you will find brilliant ways to get what you want

time ticks

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