Monday, February 16, 2015

daily rosey intentions

quiet plans
no one to bother with
nothing but you and your you-ness

I have been on a journey. I have always known my mind, well mostly, and know what I want.
I have cried over the  loss of not getting all of the things my way. I have laughed and enjoyed moments that seemed to be unforgettable and now, I must say, they are..I have to go back to minds remembrance to focus on them and why would I?
I am moving forward always. Even when I stop and do nothing, things are moving based on what work I have done that last day before now.

It all seems like a lot of drivel all of it. Unless you set some intentions.

My friend, she asks me, How do you set your intentions?"
She asked more than one time. She will do that to get my juices flowing because wanting what is best always makes you choose better things and ways to react with life's traumas.
"How do you set your intentions?", she  asked me a third time.
"well, I ahhhh..okay, I slowly become awake, and think things witha is so good when I am all rested. I think about flower oils and I think about my visions of the day before"

Cassis Rose Sandalwood Oil
I am thinking, thinking of your flowers, thinking of soft sweet clovers and violets and  damp dirt and there are peony and jonquils near by and musky vanillas coming from u.


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