Saturday, February 28, 2015

Computer Troubles? Plutonian Myths Anyone?

Things started to go weird a couple of years ago and I had to buy an new battery so that I could just make it work like that and it did, for a while. A good couple of years really.
Then the other day I came to terms with the truth. The lack of communication with my printer, the lack of speed to please me and finally and not even finally, I dragged it on for months, years maybe without pleasures of watching videos without a complete crash every time.
Nothing would print, no usb port function..
A woman will only take so much neglect, no? 

As a result of ( Plutonian myths at odds with new adventures??)this I had to get a new computer. I loved the old one because of the pictures and some fun labels I had worked on.
I will make new labels like I always do so point...
Some of your  products will have a little homemade I still have not installed all the soft ware on this one.

Plutonian Myths at odds with Mars

Because Pluto brings us down, man! He challenges, he nudges and he seethes with rage inside. Mars seethes on the outside.
When you involve yourself with someone who refuses to see the question in fear of the answer, you lack from the get go. That is just me saying things.

So now, where will we go from here.
I do not know. I know way of dealing with the public is stellar  but why, why do I have to answer questions about the difference between flax and chia? It is all omegas, lol!
You are holding a phone with google and you drove here..sheesh..
I guess the art of being fake at a retail level towards strangers, is what bugs me some days.
Yes, yes, I get it, smile at everyone, which I do, always. I have no enemies, but nobody is perfect. Some humans are dicks. No I will not follow you to millet tonight to pour it in a bag for says self serve for a  reason.
I do help a lot of people who actually deserve it, not the lady in high heels who, I think came in because she needed a loving friend..dude, my feet hurt by the time she hungrily came to try to drain my brain. I was just finished with this lady who lives in constant guilt. She will not leave my side and she needs the testing and the energy, happy to help and talk walnut flower essence and what do you need is easy!
Stop feeling so sad all day about what you've well now. Be smart and do your best, now. Take the time to do it right. And do kundalini yoga so that you can always stay..light..I said (light" :)

**I gave her walnut because she fears other's judgment of her. Walnut and if she could, yarrow. Yarrow is good for almost everything regarding the environmental energies.
The fuks, leave her alone! Who are you? See, how people are? They are not happy unless they make you feel like the devil is your friend.
It was that drug she was taking, I do not know which one, I never asked her. Okay, I mean how long are you going to remain so shaken up?

I began a book about bees and cannot do it. I do not want to feel angry like that through the day. The fuk, T Ray bastard in the story!
No, I am thinking a nice book to settle me down and make me learn new words which inspire.

I am meditating on Pluto
who digs all my dirt
he is vile and angry
with sorrows that have hurt
he takes that so far under that it melts in to the underground having been churned in to gold and silver molten, with new elements which transform the raw powers of creation having once again expanded and continued onward

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