Thursday, February 5, 2015

real pluto

pluto and charon

you see..every great power begins with a friend near by, a lover or a real sensing type near by to soothe.

These are pictures we have been sent of Pluto..from a NASA spacecraft.
Wow..look at him pulling that moon while she tries to get is a dance everywhere in space.
the moons are always female enrichment. yea?

When we look at Pluto, the farthest planet, we, humans, in the past thought it was forever..but no, it is just outside of our street in space..we are in space doing the same thing with our moon.

When our sun goes red giant, all the water in our solar system will have to go somewhere else in space. Is n't this just amazing? Tiny tiny little specs of water like dust in space..having been here from the begining.
I think so.
Have we thought that all that gas on Jupiter could form a dual star sytem, when that happens? 
I know we may not be here anyhow..I sometimes think like that..Jupiter in the great distance of time will ignite with all that extra energy being pushed out..before our star goes all diamond and all the juice in us goes out there with the water to freeze again until being re-seeded somwhere else in another neighborhood in space..
Do you think I am silly? Look at the pioneers of a recent 600 year past on Earth. They took a chance and went out on the water and went out of their towns to meet dragons..maybe dragons are real on another earth..but here they dwell in our  metaphysical imagination based on our fear of the future based on what our civilizaton says is fearful. mermaids, men living in a whale..things like that.
Think 1000 years ago when they used to kill people for saying these things. The earth is round and it spins while spinning around a really hot star that gives us life.
If that is not really amazing, then dude, we can all just accept every mystical thing and live in fake peace and fake words to soothe us during rough times.
Every time is rough, baby..this is the best time now! We should all work and be free of unreal fears.
What is so great about pretending?? Also, this idea  makes the tyrant your boss! That is not great!

I know, I know, I am passionate about this. And may have insulted more than one Christian or Moslem..yea? Well, they insult my inteligence when they burn people alive and cut their heads off!

They have all done it. I give you,Hypatia, around 370 AD, , ancient philosopher, mathmatician and astronomer..they killed her naked in the street and then burned! A bunch of robe wearing mysogenists bosses got pissed because she said that, "one and one make two not three, mr bishop sir"
So, a mob of Christians, whatever that was 1600 years ago, they got together to make sure god saw them punish her! (today there are over 35 thousand different christian sects, back then maybe just ten or so..)
Really, these are the guys that created our "beliefs and what they should be?

They cannot be dictators for is not their divine right!

Pluto proves this in such a wonderful way! He is always quiet and observant. Yes, he does seethe inside. Look, that is the way of creation. Heat is essential...
Pluto in our myths is about dirty passion, isn't he? He is deep in  the dirt, the deep frozen tundra of ideas..I am sure there are hills on Pluto..he is the boss of himself out there in  the outer regons of our solar is lonely one would think. Pluto loves privacy and alone space and in our heart.

having the deep inner fire that keeps you magnetically linked and always evolving..I wonder what you'll be next?

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