Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I am so excited about citrus

This is the best time to eat oranges. Your body which has suffered through the dry heat of winter, craves a juicy fruit.
I love citrus in March!
So we are are getting these oils in the shop:
pink grapefruit
blood orange
may chang
gotta have that one
and then of course I just started working with black currant absolute.

Yesterday, I paired, this black currant paste with jasmine..and it was no..today, I smell fruit all the way.
The dry down is super fine with that material! I bought it at Eden. I have been doing good business with Sunrose and Eden and I am happy to have them! And as I have said before, samples make me happy. Like Roseanne's nutmeg co2! It is beautiful and smooth in every way. She sends the best samples!
Eden gives nice samples too. They know, that if you order a certain oil, they'll send a couple drops this and that to compliment your selections. I find that to be very considerate.

I am really enjoying creating skin care so much.
Today, I will make an oily face cleanser with helicrysum, rose and frankincense, oman, sacra..
I know, I want it.

This will be a super fine face washer with a few drops propolis and astaxanthin from red algae.

Fruit Seed Oil Cleansing Elixir

contains 100% fruit seed carrier oils
og red raspberry
og blueberry
og cranberry seed
og black cumin seed
helicrysum oil
rose otto
boswellia sacra

This is something you can use as a treatment of even after a face wash. exquisitely simple and super healing too. I like it for a face wash after my face is nice and steamy, use it instead of soap.
of course you could always use this as a serum.
One could follow up with a nice hydrosol and it is perfect.

Also, it is time to make more shea butters. yes, there should be citrus shea butter right now.

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