Saturday, February 7, 2015

I have been making notes on patchouli

It is so good, patchouli is!!

Here is something I want to make,
patchouli vetiver with cedar, vanilla, tonka, sandalwood and maybe some frankincense in there along with musky labdanum to make for a musky note.
I wish I had some ambergris..maybe soon I will buy some and we can make some interesting blends with it. I want to, right now, thank all my customers for making that possible every week. the excellent ability to buy oils and make things for you!
This last idea..
It sounds like scorpionic rock star to me.:) Who is constantly evolving and realizing they do not really need what they think they need?

I am "pungent", my one boy said the other morning after I had been mixing for a couple of hours before going to his pad to watch the young one..:)
No, I am not dwelling on one word, much!
I am pungent, because patchouli and basil stay on you for a while. I had used a very strong old whore soap I had in my bath that day.:) and then took a spray of the 100% concentrated cologne base i have been mixing for a couple of weeks now..LOL

Modern Man Cologne
modern man cologne

You see, I am so deep in this scent that it has taken weeks to make it what I want.
 It comes at you with green notes of basil and grassy clay sage and settles in to a soft woodsy goodness.

Basil is wonderful!                                            
All men should refresh themselves with basil so that they will remember we are here together and walking beside one another in honesty and is the best way. That way you do not keep any secrets to stain the love or to have to dignify. That way you do not make pre-contracts on what you must have in me or you or him or her...the job, your bed, the sex, the loyalty, and the learning.
Modern woman, she is smart and funny and can finally uncover her head in the sun light..ahhh..
Life's goodness is always just a thought away, yes?
I think so. :)

I will remind myself of this..
while working with basil in such a concentrated way and can observe many little attractions though the day. Those who I spoke with, were all kind and respectful as I  easily projected these qualities.
Basil does offer many wonderful components which soothe, calm the mind and offer crisp clarity.
Holy Basil also is rich in adaptogens which reduce the amount of toxic cortisols in the body which are hormone like particles we make when we are stressed out and cry all day about other people.
( this does not include my rants on religion as it is important enough for review)))
Look at your own mind now and organise what your next move will be.
Be mindful and think do not react..think..
I love "think"!

Have a wonderful day!

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