Monday, February 9, 2015

a proper oily balm face wash

When I met Tonie, I was in Kentucky I think. She called me and asked me if I give samples as my skin care and soap, sound interesting. I love to please her Scorpio Moon, and what is it with me and Scorpio and why is astrology so interesting?
I told her I would send her samples if she buys something and she did and the rest is history. My people love me! They can't help it.:)
Here is why..we all love a good face wash, a great song and toner after..a toner, a serum, you just put it on after a wash or shave for the is anointing and allowing for nutrients.

There are many boys at anastasia's at the moment..."hello, my lovelies, spray that vetiver!' 
I think that vetiver, on a good man is about one of the best things in life! Tonie, would know this. She loves good vetiver on her awesome man!
I find joy in that. how we can enjoy aspects of life and talk about it. I love good skin care...

You begin by turning on the hot water, time enough to allow your face to get damp..don't burn yourself but it must be hot. I like the shower for my face wash with a creamy scrub or oily balm but a basin will do just fine.

Now,  a small globule of balm in your palm, if you please.
Make a loose paste with a wee bit of water, and apply to your face.
Not like scrubbing a floor, just nice and gently going in circles..
leave this on for a minute if you want to.

Now, rinse this with the hottest water you can stand and not burning, just hot. A nice hot washcloth  with the basin method is so good. You put it on your face and let it steam..rinse well with cool water and pat dry.

Spray a little hydrosol on your face. I do not use toners from a store. I find they leave my skin sticky because they have to add ingredients to keep them fresh for two years and then it is the perfume they add! 
Instead, I love rose hydrosol and that is all I use for years now. Sometimes, Evan Healy sends me a nice hydrosol as a gift. Frankincense hydrosol..mmm

I would be distilling frankincense all day, if I had a still! I think I want that most days.
I digress...

Next, your serum. That is all.
Tell me now, how nice your skin glows.

I love an oily face wash. It always feels so good when you are done.

Some balms on my menu are not for face washing, not unless you want to smell like the old whore from across the
Tonie would. I know I do.

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